130Gist :- Meet DgentleJay

One of Imo state 19 years old artist Patrick Clinton A.K.A  DgentleJay, shares a brief of his story with us, 

So DgentleJay how many years have you been in the music industry?

Although I listen to music and always had a perssion for it since my primary school days I officially started has an artist 3years ago!

Wow that's amazing who amazed you into music

Ah! My church choir members o! I be church boy certified one sef

Wow! So how many song do you have 

I currently have 3 and am working on a forth 

So why did u start music 

I started music because music is my drug and am addicted to it

 How many awards have u gotten from the music? 

None for now but hopefully we will have some by next year

Talking about the future! Where do you see yourself in 3years

I will be very famous and successful in 3years

What are your plans for 2019

My plans for 2019 is to release more songs and to be featured in so many songs 

And make plans of how to shoot my first music video tittle "The New Me"

So DgentleJay are you single or dating?

Am currently single, I find it hard to mix my music and a stable relationship

Thank you for coming out today nice having you with us 

The honour is mine


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